Details for wedding guests

wedding detailsEven today, preparations for a wedding are often much more “guarded” economically, thank the guests their presence in this special day is a must not to be missed. The couple should focus on to offer thanks and recognition, a unique gift. The first thing you have to do is think of the budget going to allocate for this purpose.

Once you have already cast accounts, it is best to set yourself to find gifts online. This is the perfect place to find a wide variety and make perfect comparisons on costs. Another highly visited site recently to make these purchases are the major stores for “Chinese. ” If you want some ideas, here are some gifts that is sure to delight your guests:

Children at weddings

childrenChildren can make a wedding celebration will become a lot more fun and friendly. Chances are that small want to be part of some of the activities to be carried out before, during and after the wedding. Remember, when you invite couples with children, you need to know more patience than usual. The young do not control their emotions as easily as adults at the conclusion of a sudden be able to “fill” of laughter or tears.

Although little is characterized by unexpected behavior not avoid inviting people with small children. These may involve some kind of problem, such as delays or distractions, but not get riled up and keeps the guy in your wedding as normal. Keep it simple too with the planning of all they need to make small, is better than leaving things naturally that force children to do things that do not really want.

Depending on the ages of the young attendees, it is best to talk with parents about their tastes and how often their normal behavior indoors. Make sure that parents talk to young on their behavior at the wedding. In general, most children get bored with the passage of time and they begin to try to entertain themselves doing different games. Try to be entertained from the beginning to not be bored.

Have a special wedding night

wedding nightThe wedding night is not an ordinary night, especially, the end of the day dreamed for a long time. Why should I care for maximum detail. Consider these tips to ensure a wonderful evening, sensual and very exciting.

The first thing to do is relax. The wedding night is the closing of the celebration of marriage and the beginning of the life of the new marriage. Surely after all the emotions will come out perfect party, including dancing and some comments from guests have been better. It’s time to relax and share together, talk more quietly, laugh, play and start their married life with the pleasure involved in being near your loved one.

Try to make the place special but probably depend on the budget we have, what matters is not the place but the company. Therefore, whether at home or in the best hotel, you should not miss good music, candles, perfumes and a shared desire to enjoy love.

Concentrate your attention on the underwear, it’s time to look the best you have prepared. That detail will make the wedding night proves fascinating in every way. If you have time buying lingerie in good time and that should enhance your beauty so you can feel comfortable yet irresistible when you take off the wedding dress.

Try not to have sex the week before the wedding to make that day the desire to increase as indicated. Rhinestone ready to defy the limits of passion?

A good idea is to take a shower together to relieve the stress of every day. Do it both before and after sex, will be a good time to share the first marriage for bathing. Remember to makeup and show your natural beauty.

Menus to offer your wedding

wedding menuLarge weddings require a lot of organization and a special meal to delight all guests. The menu selection will depend on the budget, the number of people, the average age of attendees, the time of year and time of day, among other variables.

According to the schedule can provide a type of food, be aware that after 9:00 am are considered breakfast, lunch from 13:00 h from 14:00 h to 16:00 h, lunch between 17:00 h and 19 : 00h cocktail, and around 21:00 pm and is dinner.

Consider the time of year in the conclusion. He thinks that if the weather is nice, you can offer cold dishes, seafood, salads, fruits, ice cream and drinks. If done during the winter months the best choices are red meat, hot fudge, soups, pies for the table of sweets, coffees and variety of chocolates.

If your set is intended to offer you a cocktail in which the guests will be scattered through space, standing or sitting on sofas and pass small catering service with trays of appetizers and canap├ęs. Suggested amounts are salty and a few sweets. Finally, offering a champagne toast to accompany a wedding cake.

If you hire a company specializing in wedding meals requested a photographic exhibition of the dishes you will prepare, and once you have decided on a menu, ask for a sample to check the quality of food.

Wedding Invitations

wedding invitationThe invitations should be sent at least a couple of months before the wedding. If we delay too shipment, it is likely that some guests can not attend for having agreed commitments.

It is always preferable to deliver the wedding invitations hand, the invitation is personal. But not always be possible. In these cases we must resort to email for shipping. You must include the sender on the envelope of the invitation. So we know which have been delivered, and which ones to avoid last minute misunderstandings.

If the confirmation may be by post, in addition to telephone or in person, it’s a good idea to include a card in the standard response that the guest only have to write his name. This will simplify the task.
If at any corner of this card can include a numeric code identifying the card even if the guest has forgotten to write his name on it. It sometimes happens.

Young children can be included in the invitations to their parents, but those who exceed the age of sixteen should receive their own invitation.

First sends wedding invitations to those whose assistance consider essential. Leave the end when you’re getting the answers, invitations from those you’d like to attend, but only if space is available.

Decide on wedding menu

wedding menusPreparations for a wedding for the couple, began to organize well in advance (at least one year) to avoid last minute surprises. Among them is the menu selection. Get fit the expectations of the couple and guests, usually brings a lot of headaches. Lest you may have problems when composing the wedding menu, follow these guidelines:

Welcome drink
These receipts should be served light hors d’oeuvres to not fill the stomachs of the audience ahead of time. We have brought from small nuggets, until cheese tartlets with cream, salmon caviar, etc. Of course, all washed down with wine, beer or a soda.

Seafood is an essential part of any wedding menu. Usually, some shrimp, boiled or grilled, or a crayfish are a good choice. If you want them with an elegant touch, you can order bags tied with prawns and garlic.

Meat, fish and sorbet
Currently tend to use the two options is, meat and fish separated by a champagne sorbet. The most famous is the lemon, but not alone. The fish on offer range from bass to hake, through monkfish, turbot or sole. The important thing is the sauce with which garnish.

As for meat, much depends on the geographic area where the wedding takes place. For example, if in Avila, a good steak is a must. If we speak of Segovia, the pig is the star dish. The lamb is also a very appropriate choice as the fillet.

Wedding Jewelry

Wedding JewelryLooking for a unique jewelry for your wedding day? Best of all, you can make one yourself. In addition to save some money, you can become a memorable gems that you can use for other occasions. Must buy: ball or decorative pieces, needles, thread, fasteners, glue and scissors.

The first thing to do is visit some of the specialty stores to choose pieces that best suit your dress and your style in general. Since it is a wedding jewelry, pearls are highly recommended. Fake or real, is up to you choose what is best “fit” in your pocket. You can also quibble steel accounts. Choose the colors you like and be consistent with your outfit.

A perfect combination of steel beads and beads may be one of the best options. Selection have a decent size holes so you will not be very difficult to insert the needle with the thread that finally unite all the “gem. ” Besides yarn, you can use rubber so that the gem is better suited to the body part where the go to market.

How to propose marriage

proposal marriageThe timing of the decision to propose to your partner that you want to spend the rest of life is certainly a wonderful thing. So it is normal for such a special proposal could raise questions about how to do it. Here are some tips to accept the commitment of marriage:

At all times seeks to feel comfortable. Be yourself. Looking for the best. Know what happens to your partner. Originality is always exciting but it is necessary to have some idea of the willingness of the other person. Analyze the external factors (family, social, employment) that could obscure your proposal in order to avoid interfering with the acceptance of it.

For the more conservative, you can collect a few guests at a brunch, lunch or dinner. Remember that in addition to hand the petition itself, it will be time for families to find and sometimes are known. Can appeal to the classic work.

The family economy

family economyThe economy affects all aspects of our lives, so also in the relationship with your partner. To avoid problems, it is vital to maintain the orderly administration of the money, conflicts over economic issues may adversely affect a partner. It is best to follow these tips to not affect financial stability in love.

It is vital to maintain good communication with your partner, never hide expenses and investments that could jeopardize money or projects in common. Both should be aware of all bank transactions to avoid misunderstandings. Learn about the economic outlook and priorities of your partner, not the entire world watches the money from the same point of view. That way your partner know what you want and how you manage your financial resources.

Prepare a financial plan that covers all common and investment projects, where the two financial purposes you decide on short and long term. A tip may be keeping track of expenses to determine the budget and know the money available at all times. Building a common savings to pay for the holidays, gifts, mortgages or if you decide to have kids.

Tips for saving money on wedding party

wedding carEnjoy with family and friends should not create us a money problem. There are many practical and economic ways to make a wedding so special. Follow these tips to celebrate in style without spending more. The first thing to do is get organized in time. Remember to leave everything for the last time is the enemy of savings. Combine good taste and low cost need not be impossible. Take time to go shopping and make a good market research.

You can also design and print your own wedding invitations. This will avoid the high costs of printing. Test with your partner choose the text with a careful spelling. Choose a good quality paper, a word processor with different “styles of letters” to choose from and a laser printer to print multiple cards per record. The final touch you can give it with different colors, it is up to your creativity.

Make a good choice of catering to lower costs, choose the option that is right in between the offers of weddings in your city. Think that it is often cheaper lounge that offers a package with “all inclusive ” contract catering separately with menu more “sophisticated”that are not available to all budgets.

We recommend for simplicity, good taste and comfort in decorating. The ambience of the place will be key to the party, but is something that will depend on the style of each partner. Bet to combine the simplicity and good taste, but always giving a personal touch with the details. Candles to give a comfortable style, while seasonal flowers are always cheaper perfect to be placed in centerpieces, flower pots, vases, etc.

Drawing up the cotillion with your own style to save on costs. This is a great task for your family, you feel like you are working with the couple. Try making hats, necklaces, bracelets and wig in different colors, textures and sizes. We encourage you to invent and remember that the entrance of the cotillion is the beginning of the most fun.