To win, you also have to lose in love

win loveHumans made ​​different bets throughout his life. Gambling can be risky, especially when put into play something you want and you want really. Well, in love, you must also have the maturity to assume that to win, that is, to find your soul mate, you must also be willing to lose, even if it hurts. Rest assured that even the most painful experiences of rejection and abandonment, can also have a positive message to inner level.

In fact, certain that at some point you have spent with hindsight do not know what could make you fasten a person who at the time you were really in love. The reality is that your tastes are changing because you evolve yourself and your priorities and interests change. Something that is important in the maturation process.

Organize a secret wedding

eiffelThe truth is that the way we celebrate today is not like weddings worldwide. The reality is that for a shy person who does not enjoy or excess mass events, the day of your wedding can become anything but an intimate moment and nice if when you enter the church has a hundred or two hundred people who you are watching. There is really only evident from a philosophical standpoint, is that there is nothing as intimate as to say I love you. It is a lived moment between two people who do not need more witnesses.

Among the celebrities on the contrary, it begins to impose other different fashion, and is to organize a secret wedding in order to protect the privacy of the objectives of the tabloids. Each person should celebrate their big day as you want. But it is important to think of alternatives when it is your dream to marry like everyone. In fact, there are also people who do not organize your wedding simply because so many preparations to deal with them takes time and stress.

Moreover, a wedding also involves a significant economic cost but it is also true that the couple make money on gifts. Do agree that balance of how you would like to to live your big day before the meeting,simply because it is something that does not happen again . A secret wedding has its touch of romance and magic for many people. Same as you choose a honeymoon destination.

Do not compare your partner with your ex

comparisonA comparison is always wrong, especially when it comes to people. When you put your mind to compare to your current partner with your ex, you’re making the mistake of thinking that one is better than another. And if you compare with your ex, is because you have that person from your past as a reference model in love. That is, he has idealized in such a way that no one can be at its height.

This comparison is very unfair to your current partner and also keeps you from enjoying the reality of your present history. When you get to compare your partner with your ex, what you should do is think and remember the reasons why your relationship ended, what happened and what flaws he had not made ​​you feel good. That will take a more realistic perspective of your past from a present point of view.

Moreover, the cause of this comparison may be simply that you’re not in love with your current partner and perhaps still feel something special for that person you had a previous relationship. In that case, it’s recommended to you take your feelings and be really brave.

How to kill the feeling

killing feelingThe reality is that it sounds very tragic to say you can kill the feeling. The truth is that beyond all sentimentality that can lead to lead you to remain engaged in an impossible relationship, the possibility of streamlining. That is, to put limits to the heart from the cold of the mind and, from the wisdom of intelligence.

The first thing you should do if you want to kill the feelings you have toward a person is to stop him. Avoid being with her or even avoids talking about it with others. Remove from your daily routine that topic of conversation and show yourself open to life and other social programs.

On the other hand, analyzes the history objectively. Realize, however much it hurts, whether or not you are matched. What sense does a person waiting years? The reality is that none because life is going without realizing it and without evaluating all the possibilities you have in the road. Similarly, the expected eternal enmity and causes distress, anxiety, uncertainty, pain … feelings are nothing rewarding. Emotions must listen to know that your attitude must change. And beyond being in love or not be, what you should always do is take care of yourself. Protect and build on the joy and happiness your best engine.

The age difference in couples

love badgeLove is surrounded by myths that are not always true. Do you think the age difference becomes impossible to attain happiness? Surely not. But the reality is that depending on the stage of life, that age difference is more noticeable or less noticeable.

For example, twenty years apart when a person is twenty years old and over forty, not that obvious as when one is forty and the other sixty. There begins to be a significant generation gap is going to notice and much of the time to enjoy the social programs and activities.

But the reality is that nobody chooses who falls in love, so if you’ve fallen in love with a person older than you all you can do is accept it and consider whether the love is over the years apart. Sometimes, some people suffer from lack of approval of the family just a matter of age difference. The truth is you should always use common sense and reason.

Consider marriage

wedding ringYou are big words considering moving to what he has a loving relationship is concerned. Worldwide, it comes time to consider the time to consider marriage, but are you willing to tie up for life with that person? Everyone wants to find that mate but it is also normal that when thinking of a joint life appear in case.

The main purpose of marrying a partner is living a life together until death do you part (supposedly). Before taking the plunge, you have to understand what marriage means. Do not forget that relationships involve joint work in almost every aspect of your life, and if you do not work in this way to achieve the same, then the marriage will fail.

Another point to consider is that of independence. The excesses are never good and too “stuck” or too wide can become a big problem. You must find the middle ground that you can live very happy life together. Independence is very important in the life of any person and the marriage does not mean possession.

Ask yourself, if you want, do things with that person you want on your side you must share certain activities and even tastes that will enable you to enjoy life in the company of each other. Do not hesitate to express your feelings when you pass the laughter or tears well in the worst moments are very important in any marriage.

Download and convert videos from Youtube

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The operation of the program is very simple,

  • You select and copy the link of the YouTube video you want to download from the Internet browser and click on Paste in the program interface. (Wait a few seconds for the program to detect the YouTube video).
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However and if you had any question about the use of the program will leave the link where you will find a user manual for the program. This is an interesting program for sure.

Enjoy the wedding night

Couple Embracing on CouchEvery couple is making plans for his marriage wants a memorable wedding night, full of passion and mutual demonstrations of the great love that has led to the altar.

Usually the wedding night is the culmination of hard work to make the newlyweds are so tired. It is very common to travel the next day, so every city has hotels that are special rooms for wedding nights.

If you want to make sure your wedding night is a very special occasion, you might consider some of these ideas:

Welcome Surprise: Usually hotels offer a welcome to the newlyweds as putting a bottle of champagne, flowers, chocolates or other detail. It is therefore important that at the time of reservation stating that the room is to spend their wedding night.

Romanticism: You can create a romantic atmosphere for that special night. You can put rose petals on the bed and decorate the room with candles. To do this, can help service hotel or a friend who can prepare the room before your arrival.

Be careful: Some dating for the euphoria and joy of celebrating your big day decide to drink large amounts of alcohol, and do not realize that the wedding night is another unforgettable moment in the life of the newlyweds. So drink in moderation so that you can both enjoy your privacy.

A very special night with your partner

special nightThinking takes time and because of work, you never have time to prepare a very special night for you and your partner. Looking for a date that can both be more or less relaxed and began to organize. Attract your partner, do not ultimately be very difficult if you wear a very monotonous life.

Forget designer perfumes. Choose aromas with notes of lavender and pumpkin. These scents are truly attractive to many men. If you do not see is not easy to find fragrances with these notes, buy some essential oil. Dissolve a little and cast down his neck. If the following on what you’re thinking about is the clothes, forget the jeans you wear every day.

Find a red garment, as it can be really attractive. As you know, red is associated directly with love and sex. If you’re going to prepare that special night at home, preparing a good meal but you do not overfill. Do not know as you will end the night but with bloating do not you all happy ensures final.

Relax in the days before the wedding

relaxingDuring the days before the wedding, you are probably stressed and nervous. It takes a long time planning everything and want everything to be perfect. No wonder you need to relax just a couple of days from the date of the event. Here are some suggestions.

Get a massage.
Stress affects both your physical and your emotional state, so it is likely that the days before the wedding you have lot of muscle tension. It is best to go to a specialized center where they can give a massage to leave you like new. Do not forget a foot massage.

Take a bubble bath.
Create yourself a relaxing atmosphere. Lights a few candles and put some relaxing music. Prepare your bubble bath and leave your problems out of it so it will be easier to relax the muscles.bubble bath

Going to a spa.
Security is the most relaxing things you can do a few days. Try different between the treatments and packages that can include up bathing in mud or algae body wrap. Try not to submit to facials and that can leave small marks the wedding day may be visible.