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Enjoy the wedding night

Every couple is making plans for his marriage wants a memorable wedding night, full of passion and mutual demonstrations of the great love that has led to the altar. Usually the wedding night is the culmination of hard work to make the newlyweds are so tired. It is very common to travel the next day, […]

A very special night with your partner

Thinking takes time and because of work, you never have time to prepare a very special night for you and your partner. Looking for a date that can both be more or less relaxed and began to organize. Attract your partner, do not ultimately be very difficult if you wear a very monotonous life. Forget […]

Relax in the days before the wedding

During the days before the wedding, you are probably stressed and nervous. It takes a long time planning everything and want everything to be perfect. No wonder you need to relax just a couple of days from the date of the event. Here are some suggestions. Get a massage. Stress affects both your physical and […]

Overcoming insecurities before the wedding

Sometimes the commitment can be scary, it’s normal. This does not mean you do not want to be with that person. The union of marriage is understood to be for life or until death do you part, these statements may create uncertainty in dating. The wedding is to formalize the commitment to be together forever, […]

Stressful Marriage

One of the priority goals to keep in mind a brand new marriage is that for a healthy living is to develop positive attitudes. A married life is punctuated by ups and downs. When the latter “stick their heads” both partners should strengthen their ties to fight together to find solutions. “If you throw in […]

Wrong marriage proposals

Sure you have you ever thought: get to where you are, kneeling at your feet and offers his eternal love asking you to marry him. How beautiful! But often, the dreams … dreams are. Today it has lost much of the romance that once was, moreover, there are people who are known for their bad […]

The importance of the wedding dress

The correct choice of a wedding dress can make a nice gift for one of your daughters. A thorough and professional maintenance of your dress can become a relic for the family. Apart from the joy of seeing your daughter married, probably no more moving experience for a mother to see her daughter walk down […]

Choosing a wedding dress

The big day is approaching and there are many details that must be considered before choosing the dress that will take the most special day of our lives. At a wedding is always mentioned as the bride’s dress, so we choose to time the suit he had always dreamed of for our wedding, starting with […]

Overcoming pre-wedding stress

Ironically, one of the most important events for couples, their wedding preparations, is one of the situations that most separated couples. Many couples feel stressed and depressed during this time of planning. Clashes occur between them and the lack of time does not have time to enjoy each other. Do not worry, as this happens […]

Give your partner roses

There are elements that are linked almost directly. Within the self-love, there are symbols. One of them, of course, is the flowers. The truth is that, generally, are the guys who presented a bouquet of flowers to his girlfriend in order to surprise on a perfect day. However, it can also happen in reverse, ie, […]