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Emotional stages during a divorce

Divorce, though often an unpleasant process, there is always an emotional death sentence. Regardless of who we are, or what we do, we all go through emotional trauma, but with varying degrees when it comes to a divorce. The first feeling I have is that of a big shot in the stomach. Do not worry […]

Planning a wedding with divorced parents

Planning a wedding with divorced parents is not an easy task. If you are lucky that your parents are happily married but your partner’s parents are divorced (or vice versa), here are some tips that can help you to try everything to be a little better. Remind them at all times that is a very […]

The family economy

The economy affects all aspects of our lives, so also in the relationship with your partner. To avoid problems, it is vital to maintain the orderly administration of the money, conflicts over economic issues may adversely affect a partner. It is best to follow these tips to not affect financial stability in love. It is […]

Prenatal Massage to Reduce Stress During Pregnant Period

Pregnant is the happiest condition in your life but it is also the tired condition. Even, some of you look stress and it gives bad impact to your body especially your skin. Your skin will look not fresh and dirty. Of course, you have to solve this condition and relax a little bit. If you […]