Stop feeling sorry for heartbreak

heartbreakingFacing the rejection of another person is not nice that’s the truth. Sometimes you do not have to risk this rejection, because you may already intuit that you are not matched in case you do not see any interest from the other person. Faced with indifference, some people make the mistake of compassion, believing that they are worthy of pity and sorrow.

The reality is that you should take that as an opportunity to improve yourself to yourself, to start again. And even when viewed from a positive point of view, surround yourself with the magic of the uncertainty that bathes your life. Who knows about tomorrow? Where is your love? In the uncertainty must find a motivation.

Stop feeling sorry for where one door closes, maybe tomorrow, opens a window. And also because, as you do, life goes by without living your truth. The reality is you do not need anyone but yourself to be happy. I wish I’d been matched but maybe you’re idealizing someone who does not fit all in your psychological profile.

Moreover, you should avoid too much pity, simply because it may also alienate new people who know you because in some ways, this penalty can become excessive scaring. Instead of feeling sorry, do not stay locked at home, go outside, make plans, have fun and enjoy with your friends and even alone. If you really want to be alone, go ahead, but enjoys all the advantages offered by your situation. Compassion does not produce any long-term positive result. Therefore, it is time to change attitudes.

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