Love and music concerts

musicalPlaces prepared for the staging of a musical love magic are reborn. The atmosphere becomes fun and daring melodies invite you to seduce.

Begin sending a general invitation to your closest friends. You just received confirmation that the “man of your dreams will come to that concert music. He is integrated into your circle of friends but completely ignores your intentions sentimental … And you’ve made ​​the decision to make public your emotions in that wonderful melodic environment. Total you have nothing to lose and you always liked the saying “who does not ventured, nothing gained. ”

A coincidence brings out the hope within. You both love Supertramp, the British progressive rock group that succeeded the late seventies … In fact, now the stars of the concert is most components of yesteryear.

The memories you run over your heart when you relive those issues, “Logical Song”, “Take The Long Way Home” or “Lover Boy. ” All you heard in your company at a time that you had met with other people. Each time they return these items to your ears, a soft fragrance of her perfume leads you directly to the explosion of the heart.

The moments before the event are crucial … All of your clothing and accessories have to be ready. You’ve also purchased a detail to him and you think that if by the declaration of love includes a token gift each time I see an image of you will come to your memory.
With blue ink write the lyrics of the song “Logical Song” in a colorful parchment and give it having deposited a fiery kiss on her lips The odds are to be discovered!

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