Bet a hundred percent on your love story

love gardenLove like friendship or any other type of link is a gamble. It is clear that to consider friendship as a bid must also be a bond when you give much importance in your life. And you can make friends anywhere, even within the professional field. Something that is even more rewarding as you will have more concerns to share with others. But focusing on love, is worth at least once in your life, you started off with the feeling that you bet one hundred percent the other person. But then went wrong, but do not appropriate or a thousand other reasons.

We live in society results. The ideal goal-where it seems to do something to get a particular good, and if they have not reached, then one could say that you have failed. That’s not true, in fact, sometimes, to learn to love truly, previously, Habert wrong and you have to have known the bitter taste produced by the disappointment of a broken heart.

Bet a hundred percent for a love story in which you believe. Become the gift yourself. Forget how you can finish everything. Focus on the here and now, looks at what you feel and how far will you go. In philosophy, there is an ethical basis is essential: the end does not justify the means, and it is true, however, when we speak of love, you can use many means good and noble to love the other person.

How far will you go for love? Depend on the notion that you yourself have this feeling if you think you are to impossible, then surely you’ll stay still. However, if you trust your luck, then you will go far. At least, you will grow at an incredible level of life, and believe me, if you intend to bet one hundred percent for a story, sure you can create something beautiful.

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