With partner and homeless

happy familyIf you love your party because your walk with you in your second half and there is nothing to fill you with satisfaction. But life has given you the opportunity to have a home, it is necessary to strengthen your privacy and take root.

Sometimes there is no alternative to turn to relatives for a roof to live. However, you should bear in mind that these circumstances bring conflict, so it is appropriate to initiate an extensive search for accommodation … Of course when the financial means are favorable.

One of the main obstacles to achieving the goal of a home is the lack of money. And, in turn, the power shortage, be determined by both partners unemployed. So, based on these two premises, the priority is to embark on an extensive job search. From there and on the basis of monthly income is more appropriate to decide whether to “live for rent ” or “buy a house. ”

A compromise solution is to borrow from a close relative and confidence … With the money that you can give you “go out gracefully” of mishaps. And when your economy is back in full swing, return the borrowed money.

Overcoming these dire situations is much harder when you have lived previously buoyant experience and suddenly the entire structure that collapses. If in addition the couple has children, the thing is further complicated … As children must be attended constantly. More often seek help from their parents … Surely you “tend a hand. ”

There have been cases where children have become care by social services. A position that leaves parents worried and full of uncertainty about the future of their children.

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