Wedding traditions

Wedding traditionsThe transmission of cultural traditions is an element that is passed from one generation to another. Weddings are full of traditions whose primary purpose is to seek happiness for the couple for life. Many people prepare their wedding planning to fulfill many of these traditions, mainly because they are actions that have been in his family for years.

Most couples have heard of the Victorian tradition for example, a bride should wear something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a coin in her shoe. “Old”should come from a happily married woman because it ensures a transfer of luck and happiness. The “new”is usually the wedding dress, which means a new beginning.

I “borrowed” must be an object of gold to guarantee wealth and fortune. The “blue” sky is a symbol which means the purity of true love. And the currency is to be worn on the heel of left shoe, to attract wealth and prosperity. Another ancient tradition is the transfer of the bride by her father to the groom.

Although today this belief has declined to pass the responsibility from one person to another, even this gesture is seen as a farewell to her daughter’s father. Then, depending on the country, there are other curious traditions such as giving the man a pair of shoes. This gesture is also considered as a transfer of responsibility. It is clear that traditions do not go out of style.

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