Tips for saving money on wedding party

wedding carEnjoy with family and friends should not create us a money problem. There are many practical and economic ways to make a wedding so special. Follow these tips to celebrate in style without spending more. The first thing to do is get organized in time. Remember to leave everything for the last time is the enemy of savings. Combine good taste and low cost need not be impossible. Take time to go shopping and make a good market research.

You can also design and print your own wedding invitations. This will avoid the high costs of printing. Test with your partner choose the text with a careful spelling. Choose a good quality paper, a word processor with different “styles of letters” to choose from and a laser printer to print multiple cards per record. The final touch you can give it with different colors, it is up to your creativity.

Make a good choice of catering to lower costs, choose the option that is right in between the offers of weddings in your city. Think that it is often cheaper lounge that offers a package with “all inclusive ” contract catering separately with menu more “sophisticated”that are not available to all budgets.

We recommend for simplicity, good taste and comfort in decorating. The ambience of the place will be key to the party, but is something that will depend on the style of each partner. Bet to combine the simplicity and good taste, but always giving a personal touch with the details. Candles to give a comfortable style, while seasonal flowers are always cheaper perfect to be placed in centerpieces, flower pots, vases, etc.

Drawing up the cotillion with your own style to save on costs. This is a great task for your family, you feel like you are working with the couple. Try making hats, necklaces, bracelets and wig in different colors, textures and sizes. We encourage you to invent and remember that the entrance of the cotillion is the beginning of the most fun.

Brings animation to animate the event. That will be grateful for the guests, an option is the “karaoke” and the other is just playing music for guests to dance and be distracted with the couple.

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