How to ask for money as a wedding gift

moneyMany times couples live together before marriage is very possible that your house is ready and habitable. That is why often the best gift you can make to the newlyweds is giving away money. It’s time to break with the tradition of wedding gifts received are used to equip the home, if you’re not sure what you need, ask them to give you money.

It is important to understand what is needed. Before asking for money as a gift, really think if something is missing for your home, perhaps you what to give. If you do not finish the idea of money convincing, as it may seem a bit cold, make a list of possible gifts that you can be truly useful.

Analyzes the reasons why you prefer money. Probably I can come in handy for the “honeymoon” or your first car or deposit on a new home, feel free to explain your projects so that you can help financially. Do this in a creative and romantic way of putting it. There are different ways to inform guests about the decision of the gift. A good option is to put on a card with the invitation, a style statement “Our greatest gift is the honeymoon” and then enter the account number so they can enter the money.

Try to make the choice is clear to the guests. While giving money to the couple is currently in vogue, there are always more traditional guests who disagree with the decision. It is important that nobody feels compelled to do it that way. Ask for help from close relatives to spread and make known the intention of the couple to receive money.

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