Headpieces and bridal bouquets

flowerTo get to the altar wearing a headdress or original bouquet, extravagant or theme. Take note of these tips and encourage to be a different girlfriend.

  • Change the traditional bouquet of flowers for a bouquet of exotic feathers. You can prepare it with white feathers or color it with pheasant feathers or peacock. The possibilities are many to highlight the most important day of your life.
  • To achieve a minimalist style, we recommend you decorate your hair with a small flower, simple and monochromatic. Also, get your hands on a simple bouquet, made with the same tone.
  • Luce played a set of dried flowers, thus it can keep forever as a memento of the wedding.
  • Adorn your hair with satin ribbons and complete the decoration with floral fabric or tulle gauze.
  • If you want a very elegant look, wear a thin dress, delicate and inlaid with small stones or diamonds.
  • To get a vintage style, cover your head and face with a veil of embroidered tulle. The ideal complement are the lace gloves and have a traditional religious element or if the ceremony is for the church.
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