Wedding Invitations

wedding invitationThe invitations should be sent at least a couple of months before the wedding. If we delay too shipment, it is likely that some guests can not attend for having agreed commitments.

It is always preferable to deliver the wedding invitations hand, the invitation is personal. But not always be possible. In these cases we must resort to email for shipping. You must include the sender on the envelope of the invitation. So we know which have been delivered, and which ones to avoid last minute misunderstandings.

If the confirmation may be by post, in addition to telephone or in person, it’s a good idea to include a card in the standard response that the guest only have to write his name. This will simplify the task.
If at any corner of this card can include a numeric code identifying the card even if the guest has forgotten to write his name on it. It sometimes happens.

Young children can be included in the invitations to their parents, but those who exceed the age of sixteen should receive their own invitation.

First sends wedding invitations to those whose assistance consider essential. Leave the end when you’re getting the answers, invitations from those you’d like to attend, but only if space is available.

When ordering invitations to the press is always good to print a greater number of those actually needed. Thus we have plenty of guests at the last minute.

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