Menus to offer your wedding

wedding menuLarge weddings require a lot of organization and a special meal to delight all guests. The menu selection will depend on the budget, the number of people, the average age of attendees, the time of year and time of day, among other variables.

According to the schedule can provide a type of food, be aware that after 9:00 am are considered breakfast, lunch from 13:00 h from 14:00 h to 16:00 h, lunch between 17:00 h and 19 : 00h cocktail, and around 21:00 pm and is dinner.

Consider the time of year in the conclusion. He thinks that if the weather is nice, you can offer cold dishes, seafood, salads, fruits, ice cream and drinks. If done during the winter months the best choices are red meat, hot fudge, soups, pies for the table of sweets, coffees and variety of chocolates.

If your set is intended to offer you a cocktail in which the guests will be scattered through space, standing or sitting on sofas and pass small catering service with trays of appetizers and canapés. Suggested amounts are salty and a few sweets. Finally, offering a champagne toast to accompany a wedding cake.

If you hire a company specializing in wedding meals requested a photographic exhibition of the dishes you will prepare, and once you have decided on a menu, ask for a sample to check the quality of food.

On the other hand, there are also variations of theme party menus, which will be decorated with the image and the special music but also by providing a menu in keeping with the theme you want to be treated. The most popular are thematic in nature, musical or romantic.

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