How to propose marriage

proposal marriageThe timing of the decision to propose to your partner that you want to spend the rest of life is certainly a wonderful thing. So it is normal for such a special proposal could raise questions about how to do it. Here are some tips to accept the commitment of marriage:

At all times seeks to feel comfortable. Be yourself. Looking for the best. Know what happens to your partner. Originality is always exciting but it is necessary to have some idea of the willingness of the other person. Analyze the external factors (family, social, employment) that could obscure your proposal in order to avoid interfering with the acceptance of it.

For the more conservative, you can collect a few guests at a brunch, lunch or dinner. Remember that in addition to hand the petition itself, it will be time for families to find and sometimes are known. Can appeal to the classic work. For the more timid or for those who do not leave the words you choose to tell it another way: with music, poetry or film while enjoying a romantic film in which the hero proposes marriage to his beloved.

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