Decide on wedding menu

wedding menusPreparations for a wedding for the couple, began to organize well in advance (at least one year) to avoid last minute surprises. Among them is the menu selection. Get fit the expectations of the couple and guests, usually brings a lot of headaches. Lest you may have problems when composing the wedding menu, follow these guidelines:

Welcome drink
These receipts should be served light hors d’oeuvres to not fill the stomachs of the audience ahead of time. We have brought from small nuggets, until cheese tartlets with cream, salmon caviar, etc. Of course, all washed down with wine, beer or a soda.

Seafood is an essential part of any wedding menu. Usually, some shrimp, boiled or grilled, or a crayfish are a good choice. If you want them with an elegant touch, you can order bags tied with prawns and garlic.

Meat, fish and sorbet
Currently tend to use the two options is, meat and fish separated by a champagne sorbet. The most famous is the lemon, but not alone. The fish on offer range from bass to hake, through monkfish, turbot or sole. The important thing is the sauce with which garnish.

As for meat, much depends on the geographic area where the wedding takes place. For example, if in Avila, a good steak is a must. If we speak of Segovia, the pig is the star dish. The lamb is also a very appropriate choice as the fillet.

It is still common to see the cake among the desserts. Typically presented together with some ice cream that combines well with her.

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