Reasons for marriage

marriage reasonWhy get married? That is a question that may have thousands of responses. Currently married, has become more challenging as recent studies on this subject indicate that nearly 40% of couples who decide to get married, end up divorced. So, before making a final decision, remember that you have a 60% chance that your marriage goes well.

There are still many people who believe strongly in the institution of marriage. One of the main reasons for making this decision is a small social myth which gives way for the coexistence of the couple together. It seems that marriage is a kind of permission to live with the couple elected. Gradually, this myth is fading. You certainly know more couples live together without being married than those who have already signed the paper, right?

Obviously, if you’re contemplating marriage, the first thing you should ask yourself is to avoid social pressures. These pressures can cause enough damage to the couple and is clearly not going to think the same thing your grandmother than 70 years that a much younger cousin of yours. Start having children is another reason why many choose to marry. This is not strictly necessary, since as usual with biologically wedding without her.

Religious motives also have much to do with making this important decision. Your beliefs will help you to choose what you desire or not. On this issue you will have to talk a lot because you need not have the same beliefs.

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