Economic decoration for weddings

wedding econimicToday, due to global recession, many couples decide to postpone their wedding for economic reasons. If you decide to finally marry the best thing you can do is to lower some costs. Currently, small bazaars around one dollar, can be your salvation when looking perfect decoration. Here are a few ideas that can help you save some money:

  • To decorate the centers of the tables of the guests purchase classic candles. Not too flashy, so it becomes the perfect embellishment. You can also buy glass bowls and fill them with water. Then enter floating candles. This decoration is sure great.
  • Buy some clay pots and plastic flowers to decorate the head table.
  • Check out all the gifts they may have in the store and pick one to give to the guests. You can buy a medium frame and give it to your picture. You can print the picture by putting the wedding date.
  • The tissue paper may help to give color to the tables.
  • If you rent a room open plan, this type of store, you can also find tablecloths or even silverware. No need to buy them in plastic, some are bound to find lots of stainless steel for a good price.
  • Buy disposable trays but nice for the first snack.
  • Do not forget to buy a guest book where they can sign all attendees. Sure to find a very good price.
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