Bad reasons to marry

marriage bad motivesGetting married is not an easy choice and you must be very sure of yourself and the other person. But sometimes you decide to marry for a reason that will make that marriage does not come to fruition.

Marry only for money
Marry purely for money, regardless of your feelings towards another person is wrong. If you’re so desperate to find another solution: loans, family assistance, etc.. but do not sell your life and your happiness to someone just because they have money and that person going to get out of the doldrums where you are.

Unexpected Pregnancy
Know more recently to another person or perhaps has been a night of passion, but it has happened: you have become pregnant or have gotten pregnant. Reassure you, these things usually happen if there are no means or was defective. You need not marry. You must talk about what happened and decide that you want to take decision on the issue, but the woman is going to have the last word.

Want to run away from home
Do you think that if things go wrong at home or with your family, getting married is the solution? Think carefully and see how you can find many more solutions, and notes that are at stake as the feelings of another person, you can not use it.

Want to have children
Today is not necessary to marry before having children. There are already plenty of legal procedures that can protect the child from future legal proceedings, so do not obsessed to marry first, and that to have a biological child is not required. The problem may arise when performing adoptions, then it is possible that you have more problems.

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