Do not compare your partner with your ex

comparison 590x380 Do not compare your partner with your exA comparison is always wrong, especially when it comes to people. When you put your mind to compare to your current partner with your ex, you’re making the mistake of thinking that one is better than another. And if you compare with your ex, is because you have that person from your past as a reference model in love. That is, he has idealized in such a way that no one can be at its height.

This comparison is very unfair to your current partner and also keeps you from enjoying the reality of your present history. When you get to compare your partner with your ex, what you should do is think and remember the reasons why your relationship ended, what happened and what flaws he had not made ​​you feel good. That will take a more realistic perspective of your past from a present point of view.

Moreover, the cause of this comparison may be simply that you’re not in love with your current partner and perhaps still feel something special for that person you had a previous relationship. In that case, it’s recommended to you take your feelings and be really brave.

Struggle to recover the person you really care. It may be impossible, but at least you’ve put your hand to achieve your goal. If you continue with your current relationship, think about how you feel this person should be special in your heart you will always feel imperfect as you remember to consciously or unconsciously that there is someone better than him with whom you compare as if it were an object.

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