Ideas to decorate the wedding car

wedding carsIf you’re about to get married, do not forget to decorate your wedding car to leave the ceremony in style. Decorate a car for the wedding is very traditional, the couple has to leave together to the banquet and during that trip around the world must realize that this car is a newlywed couple. Take note of these suggestions and beautify your car to enter and leave the party in the most elegant.

The first thing to you can do is write sentences on the windshield , such as: “Just Married “, “We are alreadymarried ” or “Together Forever . ” You can cut and paste letters on cardboard on the windshield with tape to prevent them falling off. Another solution with the same objective is to use chalk powder mixed with water, and write on glass with a sponge. Remember not to obstruct the driver’s vision.

Ties on the bumper a few strings of about half a meter and hook metal objects that make much noise when the car is in motion. Surely everyone will realize that you have just married. To make this decoration so classic, made ​​a small hole in some aluminum cans and thread or wire passes through them. You can use several cans for each string. Then make a knot to avoid losing on the road. If you can not glue the end of the rope to the bumper, tie them all with a single knot and fixed with tape making sure it does not take off.

Another ancient tradition is to hang two pairs of shoes. That did scare away evil spirits and that the newlyweds had luck in love. It is also very nice to inflate balloons with helium and put them loose in the back seat to remain high in the air. You can do the same and tie some balloons to the rear bumper, the front and the car antenna to place a banner at the top.

If you want something fancier, place flowers or floral arrangements in various parts of the vehicle. It is important that the flowers do match the predominant color in the decoration and wedding accessories. You can also place paper streamers attached to the door handles and mirrors.

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The marriage proposal

marriage proposalThe proposal of the marriage, is a formality that comes from needing the consent of their parent brides for marriage, and which is “negotiated” or “arranged” marriage of the daughter.

Currently, only an act of nature is familiar with no other type of claim or request for permission. Now is performed to meet the parents and relatives of both bride and groom and to meet and live together before marriage.

It is also intended to formalize the relationship socially engaged couples and is liable to marry and set the wedding date.

On the day fixed for the marriage proposal, the groom’s parents come home with your child to the parents of the bride to “ask for the hand” of it for your child. Her parents usually organize a dinner or lunch at home. More common is a food, but there are those who choose to celebrate it in restaurants or hotels.

After eating, the couple exchanged gifts. Only the bride and groom are given and should not be making any gift from parents or siblings. Traditionally the bride presents her with a clock to the groom, as this, gives the engagement ring with a diamond or gemstone.

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Planning a wedding with divorced parents

planning weddingPlanning a wedding with divorced parents is not an easy task. If you are lucky that your parents are happily married but your partner’s parents are divorced (or vice versa), here are some tips that can help you to try everything to be a little better.

Remind them at all times that is a very special day for you and your partner, so they should behave. Talk to them about their current situation to know what you have to do. You must try to think of them as parents separately. You must bear in mind that maybe one of them has a new partner and want to bring to your wedding. When choosing the seats let them clear that you thought about them and you have chosen the best option.

If disagreements continue, it is best that they do not do them together or at church or the place you go to the ceremony. You only have to assure that they feel equally served both as each other and are equally important to you. To feel more comfortable, gives each a function of the wedding day (receive guests, deal with the bridesmaids, check out some details of catering, etc.)..

Talking about commitment

commitmentNobody can deny that romantic relationships are complex. Communication plays a very important but when put it into practice many people behave somewhat indifferent. For appointments and general happy moments, necessary conversations that may include important issues such as our goals and plans in life. Once you know these goals, it is important to know if you want to help that person to get them or not.

Talks on the compromise must be taken seriously, but do not have to be serious. The trick is to have that conversation when you notice how there is a natural progression of the relationship. There is nothing worse than planning a conversation like this for days and days. It is very normal for one of the two has the need for greater commitment than the other.

If a conversation about commitment occurs too soon or with a partner who is not on the same wavelength, the results can be very painful. Be patient with the issue and let it emerge naturally. Remember it is a great mistake to seek a compromise through intimidation or tampering.

Bad reasons to marry

marriage bad motivesGetting married is not an easy choice and you must be very sure of yourself and the other person. But sometimes you decide to marry for a reason that will make that marriage does not come to fruition.

Marry only for money
Marry purely for money, regardless of your feelings towards another person is wrong. If you’re so desperate to find another solution: loans, family assistance, etc.. but do not sell your life and your happiness to someone just because they have money and that person going to get out of the doldrums where you are.

Unexpected Pregnancy
Know more recently to another person or perhaps has been a night of passion, but it has happened: you have become pregnant or have gotten pregnant. Reassure you, these things usually happen if there are no means or was defective. You need not marry. You must talk about what happened and decide that you want to take decision on the issue, but the woman is going to have the last word.

Want to run away from home
Do you think that if things go wrong at home or with your family, getting married is the solution? Think carefully and see how you can find many more solutions, and notes that are at stake as the feelings of another person, you can not use it.

Reasons for marriage

marriage reasonWhy get married? That is a question that may have thousands of responses. Currently married, has become more challenging as recent studies on this subject indicate that nearly 40% of couples who decide to get married, end up divorced. So, before making a final decision, remember that you have a 60% chance that your marriage goes well.

There are still many people who believe strongly in the institution of marriage. One of the main reasons for making this decision is a small social myth which gives way for the coexistence of the couple together. It seems that marriage is a kind of permission to live with the couple elected. Gradually, this myth is fading. You certainly know more couples live together without being married than those who have already signed the paper, right?

Obviously, if you’re contemplating marriage, the first thing you should ask yourself is to avoid social pressures. These pressures can cause enough damage to the couple and is clearly not going to think the same thing your grandmother than 70 years that a much younger cousin of yours. Start having children is another reason why many choose to marry. This is not strictly necessary, since as usual with biologically wedding without her.

Economic decoration for weddings

wedding econimicToday, due to global recession, many couples decide to postpone their wedding for economic reasons. If you decide to finally marry the best thing you can do is to lower some costs. Currently, small bazaars around one dollar, can be your salvation when looking perfect decoration. Here are a few ideas that can help you save some money:

  • To decorate the centers of the tables of the guests purchase classic candles. Not too flashy, so it becomes the perfect embellishment. You can also buy glass bowls and fill them with water. Then enter floating candles. This decoration is sure great.
  • Buy some clay pots and plastic flowers to decorate the head table.
  • Check out all the gifts they may have in the store and pick one to give to the guests. You can buy a medium frame and give it to your picture. You can print the picture by putting the wedding date.
  • The tissue paper may help to give color to the tables.
  • If you rent a room open plan, this type of store, you can also find tablecloths or even silverware. No need to buy them in plastic, some are bound to find lots of stainless steel for a good price.
  • Buy disposable trays but nice for the first snack.
  • Do not forget to buy a guest book where they can sign all attendees. Sure to find a very good price.

Details for wedding guests

wedding detailsEven today, preparations for a wedding are often much more “guarded” economically, thank the guests their presence in this special day is a must not to be missed. The couple should focus on to offer thanks and recognition, a unique gift. The first thing you have to do is think of the budget going to allocate for this purpose.

Once you have already cast accounts, it is best to set yourself to find gifts online. This is the perfect place to find a wide variety and make perfect comparisons on costs. Another highly visited site recently to make these purchases are the major stores for “Chinese. ” If you want some ideas, here are some gifts that is sure to delight your guests:

Children at weddings

childrenChildren can make a wedding celebration will become a lot more fun and friendly. Chances are that small want to be part of some of the activities to be carried out before, during and after the wedding. Remember, when you invite couples with children, you need to know more patience than usual. The young do not control their emotions as easily as adults at the conclusion of a sudden be able to “fill” of laughter or tears.

Although little is characterized by unexpected behavior not avoid inviting people with small children. These may involve some kind of problem, such as delays or distractions, but not get riled up and keeps the guy in your wedding as normal. Keep it simple too with the planning of all they need to make small, is better than leaving things naturally that force children to do things that do not really want.

Depending on the ages of the young attendees, it is best to talk with parents about their tastes and how often their normal behavior indoors. Make sure that parents talk to young on their behavior at the wedding. In general, most children get bored with the passage of time and they begin to try to entertain themselves doing different games. Try to be entertained from the beginning to not be bored.

Have a special wedding night

wedding nightThe wedding night is not an ordinary night, especially, the end of the day dreamed for a long time. Why should I care for maximum detail. Consider these tips to ensure a wonderful evening, sensual and very exciting.

The first thing to do is relax. The wedding night is the closing of the celebration of marriage and the beginning of the life of the new marriage. Surely after all the emotions will come out perfect party, including dancing and some comments from guests have been better. It’s time to relax and share together, talk more quietly, laugh, play and start their married life with the pleasure involved in being near your loved one.

Try to make the place special but probably depend on the budget we have, what matters is not the place but the company. Therefore, whether at home or in the best hotel, you should not miss good music, candles, perfumes and a shared desire to enjoy love.

Concentrate your attention on the underwear, it’s time to look the best you have prepared. That detail will make the wedding night proves fascinating in every way. If you have time buying lingerie in good time and that should enhance your beauty so you can feel comfortable yet irresistible when you take off the wedding dress.

Try not to have sex the week before the wedding to make that day the desire to increase as indicated. Rhinestone ready to defy the limits of passion?

A good idea is to take a shower together to relieve the stress of every day. Do it both before and after sex, will be a good time to share the first marriage for bathing. Remember to makeup and show your natural beauty.